"Senior Care in Charlottesville: When is it time?"


Let's face it. None of us like to admit that we're getting older, and that we may not be as athletic, energetic, or mentally sharp as we used to be in days gone by. For that reason, whether out of pride, embarrassment, or true obliviousness, many seniors in the Charlottesville area don't always realize when it's time to ask for help from their adult children or a senior care provider. 

That often means it's up to you and your other loved ones to figure out if your parents are still alright at home, and to make the initial call to Interim HealthCare of Charlottesville.

Signs It May Be Time for Senior Care

Whether you see your parents all the time or only get around to pay a visit every now and then, you should make the most of the time you have together to assess how they're getting on at home and what, if anything, they may be struggling with. Ideally, you can ask them directly how they're feeling and whether or not they need extra help around the house.

However, if your parents aren't comfortable asking for help or haven't realized that they might need it, keep these warning signs in mind as you consider if it's time to look into senior care providers in the local area: 

  • Your parents seem more confused or forgetful during conversation or when they're in the middle of a routine task. They may also start missing appointments or losing track of bill payments.
  • Their home is dirtier, more cluttered, or seems off in some way. 
  • They look more disheveled and scruffy.
  • Their movements seem slower and more pained, or they aren't moving around as much at all.
  • They seem quieter or more withdrawn.

How We Help Families in the Charlottesville Area

At Interim HealthCare of Charlottesville, our care professionals provide non-medical senior care and home health care services for seniors across Charlottesville as well as the surrounding VA communities, including Nelson, Buckingham, Orange, and Louisa. We tailor our care plans for every client. If your parents only need help now and then with larger home maintenance tasks, or they need regular companionship and assistance with the activities of daily living, we'll create a plan to give them just the care they need. 

To schedule a free in-home consultation with a senior care professional or find out more about our services, call Interim HealthCare of Charlottesville today at (434) 295-5501.


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